News was released today about a hidden infection placed within the ccleaner download application.  This is an application we don’t like having on computers as it has a history of removing legitimate items from computer registries.  The software is commonly used to help “clean up” or “speed up” your system.   

Reports so far show about 2.27 million possible hacks could exist on infected systems.  The attack gathers info from your system and sends it to a third party.  This includes your computer name, IP address information and listed software on your PC.  So far there isn’t proof of personal financial or password info collected; however, nowadays just having your IP and computer name can be enough to launch more attacks.  Reports also show that the infection only seems to be in the 32-bit version and not the 64-bit one. 

Our recommendation would be to uninstall the program, not use it and run a malware scan to ensure there isn’t an infection.  If you think your system might have the infected version, there are a couple steps to be done.  Contact us for more info.