What? Not just another IT company?

At Blue Sky IT Strategies, we know how important your systems are to the success of your business. For many of our clients, having a computer crash can mean the difference between a profitable day or the end of the world as we know it. Well maybe not that bad but at the very least, it means grumpy staff when computer systems go down and that translates to bad business for you.

So how are we different?  We work hard to build relationships with our clients.  Imagine IT heroes that believe in more then break and fix mechanics psychology.  We take pride in our work.

By focusing on our key values: Reliability, Competence, Honesty and Passion, we navigate complex technical environments and provide smart collaboration.   Simply put, our quality of support rocks.   The owner even provides work for Third Tier where she supports other IT consultants – maybe yours?

What We Do