There has been an increase in ransomware attacks and you need to know about it. This malicious malware comes in the form of faked emails or download links. It will affect not only your computer but an entire network in seconds. Make sure you and your staff take extra care not to open attachments from unknown sources. This attack will encrypt data files making them impossible to open. A text file will appear in infected folders stating what needs to be done to obtain the key to unlock the files. The crooks running these attacks are getting away with millions of dollars as they hold data hostage for ransom. The attacks can affect any system whether it’s at home or at work. Virus protection and spam protection is not enough to stop these infections. Most virus programs will catch the attack but not before damage is done. The latest variants can now also seek out back up files, dropbox files and data attached via USB. The latest organization hit was a hospital in the States. They decided to pay up for a hefty fee of about $17000 US. Payments are made via Bitcoin which allows for anonymity so the crooks can stay hidden.